The only strum and drum band that matters


Neita Grew Up Last Night 45-EP Records to Russia 1985
Strum and Drum! LP Records to Russia 1987
Strum and Drum! LP Sub Org UK 1988
Battle of Sex Clark Five LP Blood Money Records 1989
“Jeepster” The Bob # 38 Eva-Tone flexi disc split disc with the Pixies and When People Were Shorter and Lived by the Water 1990 33 ⅓ RPM,
Ketchup If You Can 45-EP Records to Russia 1991
Way Off Corsica Unhinged Magazine UK flexi disc 1991
John Peel Session #1 1991
Antedium LP Skyclad Records 1992
John Peel Session #2 1993
Martinlutherkinks Hit Parade 45-EP Wernher Brothers 1994
“Ballad of SC5/ Long Island Railroad Massacre” Hartbeat Magazine 45-EP Germany 1995
“Louisa” Hartbeat Magazine 45-EP Germany 1996
Strum and Drum! reissue with 14 bonus cuts LP CD Beehive Rebellion 1996
“And Your Bird Can Sing” Hartbeat Magazine 45-EP Germany 1997
Crimson Panzer LP Records to Russia 1999
John Peel Session #3 2000
John Peel Session #4 2002
Rembrandt X LP 2013
WFMU Monster Session 2014

Promotional and Compilation appearances:

Live at Confederama 1995
Hard Day’s Night At The Opera 1999
Teen Line #1 American Pop-Rock/Powerpop R-S ’77-86 (Hyped 2 Death)
Teen Line #3 Southern and Midwestern Powerpop R-Z
CMJ Certain Damage #81 “Panama City Women” 1996
Alternative Press “Crimson Panzer Sampler” 1998
CMJ Certain Damage #101 “Winds Execute/Mere Clay” 1998
Alternative Press Spring Sampler “Japan/West of Liverpool/ Under the Sun” 2000
CMJ Certain Damage #129 “Sc5 record burning/She’s the End/Great Sheiks” 2003
Joe Garden’s Wedding Album “Chicken Dance” 2003
Hit The Hay (Sweden) “I Was Looking At Her” 2004
This Is RockNRoll Radio Volume 1 “She’s the End/Great Sheiks” 2005
Sandinista! Tribute CD “Career Opportunities” 2007
Strum and Drum! Amazon CD-R 2010
Oxford American Alabama Music “Red Shift” 2010
This Is Rock’n’Roll Radio Volume 3 Plastic All Over The World 2013
This Is Rock’n’Roll Radio Bonus Disc Japan Under The Sun 2013